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BraiytVu combines artificial intelligence (AI) with existing cameras to provide businesses and
organizations with real-time object detection and customer analytics - All without using
personal data.
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How Does BraiytVu Work?

BraiytVu’s AI-enabled computer vision solution provides insights into customer movement within any physical space. These metrics can be used for a variety of marketing or operational enhancements, such as optimizing product placement, improving traffic flow or better allocation of staff.


BraiyVu’s always-on monitoring of the store floor with real-time delivery of metrics and analytics of events at the speed they develop, includes monitoring the store population, traffic flow and congestion, as well as designated store zones, at any given minute.

Data from your NVR/DVR

BraiytVu can input video feeds from different types of recording systems from your current network. No new infrastructure!

Plus Our Advanced AI

BraiytVu’s uses AI algorithms and machine learning to detect and identify object and people in the camera’s field of vision.  

Analytics For Your Business

In real time, BraiytVu sends event notifications and metrics directly on an easy-to-read intuitive management dashboard.

Customer Metrics: Immediate and at Your Fingertips.

BraiytVu gives owners and managers actionable information as well as valuable insights on their customers’ behaviour, delivered in real-time.

Easy Integration With Your Existing Video Network.
Saving you time and money

Manually observing and counting foot traffic in real time is both time consuming and costly, making it a daunting task. Learn how BraiytVu automates this using computer vision AI.

What About Privacy?

BraiytVu does not use facial recognition technology, nor does it record the images of individuals. BraiytVu simply counts people and maps their locations on the premises for store management. The privacy of individuals is thus fully respected and protected.

No Biometric data
Full Regulatory compliance

More than Just Retail

BraiytVu can detect and identify objects in the field of view of cameras. This can make it useful for a variety of business cases beyond the retail sector. For example:


From check-in times, lobby use,  facilities, BraiytVu’s AI-enabled computer vision can provide key metrics on all aspects of the hotel business to improve facility management, enhance the guest experience and optimize resources.


How long do diners spend at each table? How frequently must staff attend customers? BraiytVu’s AI object detection software can identify and track customer movements to give restaurateurs data to improve the use of their establishments, better allocate staff and ultimately increase profits.

Facility Management

How many people are in the building? How do they move about on the floors? Where are the points of congestion? BraiytVu can provide insights for building and facility managers to make their premises more functional and pleasing for work or play.

Sports Facilities

Whether a stadium or theatre, soccer field or music concert, information about spectators and performers alike is vital to the smooth functioning of facilities and events. BraiytVu can locate, count and track persons as they attend performances and sporting events to ensure adequate services.


Collecting key population metrics to maximize the use and function of warehouses. BraiytVu can provide managers key information on the location and movement of warehouse staff to improve productivity and compliance with safety regulations.

Smart Cities

How many people are standing on transit platforms and stations? What about the occupancy rates of buses and trains? BraiytVu can give city managers accurate and real-time information to better understand commuter patterns and improve the safety and effectiveness of public transportation systems.